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Ask about Gluten free and Vegan options!


Available 6", 8" or 9" double layer round, or cupcakes! $25 for 6", $30 for 8", $35 for 9" and half sheets for $49 /cupcakes are $2.25 each, with a minimum of 6. Writing is included in the price, any extra decoration will be a small fee, depending on complexity. Feel free to send pictures! All decoration is by hand, and we do not use fondant.

Cake Flavors 

vanilla sour cream

dark chocolate


southern coconut

classic carrot spice

vanilla fudge ripple

espresso-soaked vanilla or chocolate

pumpkin spice

red velvet


cardamom sour cream

Mexican chocolate

sweet almond

chocolate coconut

maple spice

Frosting Flavors

vanilla buttercream

cream cheese

chocolate buttercream

strawberry buttercream

raspberry buttercream

mocha buttercream

peanut butter buttercream

maple cream cheese

cinnamon cream cheese

peppermint buttercream

lemon buttercream 

almond buttercream

Filling Flavors add $5

Raspberry jam

Strawberry jam

Dark chocolate ganache

Coconut creme

Lemon curd

Peanut butter cream

Dulce de leche (caramel)

Extras! add $5

ganache drip

fresh fruit

caramel drip

mini chocolate chips

toasted coconut


Signature Cakes add $5 for round cakes. Signature cakes not available in half sheet size

German chocolate with coconut pecan caramel frosting

Dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting

Vanilla sour cream cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting

Triple chocolate with ganache filling and chocolate frosting

Tres Leches with dulce de leche

Coconut cake with ganache filling and cream cheese frosting

Pies - available 9" for $18-$25 depending on flavor, or mini pies for $2.50 each

Glade Mountain apple $20

salted caramel apple crumb $25

traditional pumpkin $18

sweet potato spice $19

bourbon pecan $25

southern pecan $22

triple berry crumb $24

coconut cream $25

peanut butter chocolate $25

lemon meringue $24

butterscotch meringue $25

key lime $20

southern peach $25

strawberry rhubarb $25

cherry $25

Cheesecakes - available individual for $2.50 each(6 minimum), 8" for $35, and 10" for $45. Traditional French Vanilla cheesecake with your choice of toppings:

Sweet sour cream



triple berry

dark chocolate ganache

lemon curd

lime curd

dulce de leche

maple spice

Mexican chocolate with cayenne and cinnamon

peanut butter chocolate

pear ginger


pomegranate sauced

Cookies   1 dozen minimum

Traditional vanilla cut out cookies - Available in tons of cute shapes and iced with royal icing. Price upon request, depending on design.

Oatmeal cranberry white chocolate- $20 per dozen

Molasses ginger snaps-$18 per dozen

Peanut butter kisses-$18 per dozen

Oatmeal walnut dark chocolate chip-$20 per dozen

Key Lime sugar - $20 per dozen

Lemon Lavendar - $20 per dozen

Sweet almond sugar - $18 per dozen

Candies 1 dozen minimum

Pecan Turtles- toasted pecans and homemade caramel! $25 per dozen

Flavored dark chocolate truffles - $27 per dozen

     Flavors include pumpkin spice, Mexican chocolate (with cayenne and cinnamon), toasted almond, salted caramel, toasted coconut, peanut butter, dark chocolate peppermint, sea salt chocolate, and bacon dark chocolate

Bars 6 minimum $2.75 each

7 layer magic bars- chocolate, coconut, walnuts, and white chocolate in a graham crust with caramel

Southern Lemon bars- shortbread crust with zesty lemon and powdered sugar

Apricot Struesel bars- gooey apricot filling with oatmeal brown sugar streusel and shortbread crust

Maple Pecan bars- thick pecan and maple filling with shortbread crust

Peanut Butter Chocolate bars- peanut butter, ganache, and crushed peanuts in a graham crust

Don't see what you were hungry for? Contact us to place a custom order! Whisk avl does it all!!

**note that some items can be made vegan and/or gluten free! Just ask!**